Institute «NeftegazProject» produces project documentation for subjects of gas condensate and oil shipment, oil receiving area, etc.

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Institute «NeftegazProject» produces project documentation for:

- Subjects of gas condensate and oil shipment

- Oil receiving area

- Pumping stations

- A facility of gas-and-oil field development

- A linear part of main oil-and-gas product pipelines and their installations

- Tank farms

- Fuel-and-energy automation

- Enterprise and locality gas supply system

- Test site of strong industrial household waste

- Support productive base

- High-voltage power lines voltage to 110 kV inclusive

- Electrical installations to 110 kV inclusive

- Gas-turbine and diesel power plants

The building of tank farm facilities are carried accompanied with the laws of the Russian Federation and project documentations that timely shall be agreed in local authorities as they related to an increased environmental threat group. A positive decision by the expertise is needed for the work to progress faster in the meantime.

All documentation relating to the design must be developed by specialized companies that has a SRO pass to the project works. Institute «NeftegazProjest» is a member of the SRO since 2012 and has the necessary security clearances to do all the documentation.

We give the full package of design documents after the completion of the design phases and assessment of all subsections to the employer. After that, the developer sends all available data to state and non-state forensics. Working with the customer and experts our staff adjust the project if needed. A building permit requires forwarding the results of expertise and drawing set to self-governments. When we get a positive expertise conclusion this period of work is concluded.

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Supervision of the project documentation and the results of engineering.
You will find counselling with the specialized company very helpful getting through state expertise. Our institute is ready to help you starting with the admission process works ending with work with state experts and calculators. The procedures described below speed up the process of getting through state expertise.
The formation of a set of documents to get the right to a land use and necessary coordination with conclusions on them.
Land use rights are the rights of individuals to indefinite or within a certain time frame on a non-reimbursable or cost-recovery basis own and use a land, which is owned by State.

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