Instrumental surveys of the current buildings and constructions to gather more information.

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Instrumental surveys of the current buildings and constructions.

It is usual to do an instrumental survey of the technical provision of building to collect detailed information, the forthcoming analysis and calculation.

Buildings survey is assessed for technical condition of the buildings. Every year the number of building surveys is increasing, which suggests that buildings that have been built over ten years ago tend to depreciation. The main purpose of buildings survey is to identifying the causes of physical deterioration and its degree.

Construction monitoring is a separate area and method in buildings survey. Monitoring is carried out during a long time and designed to control changes in the current construction.

There are two main causes to do the research:

1. The renovation of buildings, in that case the building itself is a subject of monitoring;

2. New construction, in that case the object of monitoring is neighboring to the site buildings.

Building survey is conducted before monitoring. In that case, survey work is reduced to visual inspection.

At the time of monitoring, building damages found during preliminary survey are under surveillance, in addition to these new damages could be identified. Among the damages most frequently reported is a crack in bearing walls. The reasons for the cracks may be different. There observations are accompanied by geodesy research and monitoring of construction draughts.

When detailed and instrumental parts are completed, engineers are starting to do calculations of individual buildings. The Opinion about safety of further operations together with recommendations is being done on the base of work done.

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