Author’s supervision for organizations that build a designed project.

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Author’s supervision

Author’s supervision is required because during major building does not always work out to prepare for specificities of future buildings documentation. There is often a long time between the beginnings of the design and constructions: contracting authority may change his mind about manufacturer or equipment, some materials are no longer produces, etc. 

Author’s supervision is recommended to organizations, which needs to be sure that there will be no deviations from the project and all the necessary correction will be done in time. Author’s supervision is provided by structural engineers who developed the relevant sections of the project; chief engineer is leading them.

The procedure of author’s supervision includes four main phases:

1. Visiting building objects in order to clarify the details of documentation and monitor the work according to the project. The results of monitoring are noting in author’s supervision journal.

2. The formulation of extra documents for the customer’s needs.

3. Participating in approval of works key stage.

4. Selective visiting building objects to control the quality of works construction and installation.

Our institute offers to find the best option for each customer.

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