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The history of creation of institute.

In 1970 in consultation with Minnefteprom Moscow institute «Giprotrubprovod», in response to the phenomenal increasing of oil production in Tyumen oblast, established a unit in Tyumen in the form of complex designing composed of 10 people. This is how the history of OAO «Institute «NeftegazProject» started.

Complex designing unit was led by Nikolay Alexandrovich Malyushin – Doctor of technical science, professor, academic of ATS RF and honorable construction worker of Russian Federation, in future the Director General and President of OAO «Institute «NeftegazProject».

Soon this unit became Tyumen branch of the «Giprotrubprovod» Institute with over 200 people and since 1987, it became an autonomous institute «Gipronefteprovod» consisting of Glavtyumenturboprovodstroy Minneftegazstroy of the USSR at the operational base in Tyumen.

Institute «Gipronefteprovod» especially helped to design major oil lines of country such as Ust-Balik – Kurgan – Ufa – Almetevsk, Holmogory – Surgut, Nijnevartovsk – Kurgan – Kuybishev, Surgut – Polotsk, Shaim – Konda, Holmogory – Klin, Orehovo-Ermakovskoe deposit – NPS «Yugra», Krasnoleninsk – Shaim – Konda, Vatieganskoe deposit – NPS «Aprelskaya», Urengoy – Holmogory, Prirazlomnoe deposit – NPS «Karkataevy», CPS Tarasovskoe deposit, Krasnoleninsk – Shaim – Tyumen and many others.

In 1988, the work of the institute «Gipronefteprovodstroy» has gone beyond the bounds of the USSR. The first such object was oil pipeline West Ayad – Indian Ocean coastline at Democratic People’s Republic of Yemen. This oil pipeline with a length of 204 km with tubes with a diameter of 530 mm goes through desolate and mountain landscapes, difference in geodesic marks on route within 1400 m.

After the dissolution of the USSR, in 1994 institute «Giprotrubprovod» was upgraded to AOOT «NeftegazProject» with subsequent renaming to OAO «NeftegazProject» in 1996.

In 2000, OAO «NeftegazProject» has been listed in the «Golden book of Russia» and in 2003 among the 150 best enterprises and organizations in Russia. OAO «NeftegazProject» was awarded a gold medal and honorary diploma of Russian-Swiss business club for an excellent reputation from 640 000 organizations involved in participation.

In 2003, OAO «NeftegazProject» joined a holding based on the All-Russian Research Institute for the pipelines construction of OAO «VNIIST» (Moscow). That merger has identified participation of OAO «NeftegazProject» in designing of a unique construction of ХХI century – Eastern Siberia oil trunk pipeline – Pacific Ocean (ESPO), also in expanding of main oil pipelines of Baltic Pipelines.

In 2004, OAO «NeftegazProject» was renamed to OAO «Institute «NeftegazProject»

During preparations for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, OAO «Institute «NeftegazProject» implemented energy facilities designing for provision electricity for sports facilities of Olympic Park that were built from scratch, such as 110 kV substation «Imeretin» and substation 110 kV «Ice Palace». In addition, Institute participated in designing of gasification of villages in Sochi in Adler district.

Today AO «Institute «NeftegazProject» is a lead transmission pipeline design organization both within the country and abroad. AO «Institute «NeftegazProject» has an international quality certificate ISO-9001.

During the years of Institute’s activity, based on its projects have been built over 40 000 km of pipelines for different purposes in Russia and abroad, 40 pumping stations, dozen manufacturing bases, thousands kilometers of power lines, roads and many other objects servicing pipelines and also a several energy infrastructures of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

AO «Institute «NeftegazProject» is equipped with multimedia and computer technology, licensed software, has a license for engineering surveys and geophysical research, project development, reconstruction and major repairs of pipelines for different purposes, power lines, power plants,  automated facility management systems, energy-saving technologies, etc. In addition, the Institute has a soil lab.

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