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Institute is the legal successor of the State Institute of the oil pipelines designing («Gipronefteprovodstroy»). Activity of Institute in Tyumen began in 1970 with the setting up of a Tyumen sub-office «Giprotruboprovod». In 1987, sub-office was transformed into «Gipronefteprovodstroy» and in 1994 into AOOT «NeftegazProject». In 1996, AOOT «NeftegazProject» was renamed into OAO «NeftegazProject» (on the basis of a certificate of state registration 72 №001297326 from 02.02.2004).  

Institute «NeftegazProject» is among top 100 best enterprises and organizations in Russia. In 2003, was awarded a gold medal and honorary diploma of Russian-Swiss business club for an excellent reputation. It has not been reached through a smooth process; it took 33 years to reach those awards.

More than 45 years have gone by since first Tyumen oil got into regional center of oil pipeline Shaim – Tyumen. After that, new pipelines were constructed at Tyumen land. The presence of big oil has captivated much of stakeholders in natural resources development. Entire country was monitoring the progress of huge constructions. Unprecedented growth of pipelines construction had affected the world. However, before many thousand km oil pipelines building you have to chart tracks on a map, pass through it with theodolite and a level, with rake and measuring tape through windfalls and swamps on foot with a backpack behind shoulders.

First routes at Ural were pave over by prospectors and designers of Moscow institute «Giprotruboprovod», which by then had not only domestic but also international fame. Exclusively by these projects, involving Tyumen sub-office were put into operation first oil pipelines In West Siberia: Shaim – Tyumen, Ust-Balyk – Omsk, Alexandrovskoe – Anjero-Sudjensk.

High rates of oil development at Middle Priboj have led to the buildings of new oil pipelines from this region to European part of country. «Giprotruboprovod» could not handle the growth of engineering and design work and Tyumen headquarters of oil pipelines constructions needed stations to deal with recurrent technical, organizational, supply and other issues in the construction of these pipelines. There was a reason that the authority over giant building of Ust-Balyk – Kurgan – Ufa – Altemevsk and Nignevartovsk – Kurgan – Kuybishev pipelines took the Chairman of the Council of Ministers if the USSR Kosygin A.N. 

Currently there are over 300 high-qualified specialists in Institute that after basic education have been retrained at the science centers of Russia, United States, Canada, Germany, France and England.

The Institute is well equipped with modern computer and reproduction capability, uses only licensed software, has licenses to conducting engineering and geophysical surveys, construction projects designing, reconstruction and renovation of different pipelines, transmission lines, power plants, implementation of automated management systems, energy-saving technologies, etc. The Institute is a member of a holding company OAO «VNIIST» - All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of pipelines construction in Moscow. The staff of the Institute works not only in West Siberia but also in East Siberia, Chukotka, Baltic, Uralo-Povolgie and in other Russian regions.

All engineering works are implementing with latest computer technologies. The Institute has an international quality certificate ISO-9001.

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